Content Management Systems are not application platforms

A presentation at J and Beyond 2018 in in Cologne, Germany by Rouven Weßling

How I became convinced that content needs to be nothing but an API.

Headless CMS, API-first, Content Infrastructure - there are many words to describe a growing trend in the industry of seeing content as just another service. In such an architecture the storage, management and delivery of content all happen in different applications, connected by APIs. Content Management becomes a service, not a platform to build upon.

This marks a complete a shift from the way a traditional, web-focused, CMS like Joomla!, Drupal or WordPress works. In this talk, Rouven, a Contentful Developer Evangelist and former Joomla! core contributor, will explore what such an architecture looks like, why it’s so compelling for developers and how he thinks it’ll change the Content Management landscape.


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